• Promote the establishment of Independent Power Plants (IPPs) in collaboration with private sector investors
  • Use solar energy in remote/rural areas to provide electricity at affordable cost
  • Cost-effective and sustainable energy to power pumps for irrigation water and water for livestock
  • Effective utilization of solar power to boost education delivery in the rural areas
  • Support the people with requisite infrastructure to help grow and sustain their businesses
  • Cost-effective energy supply to facilitate improved health care delivery, especially for refrigerators used in storing medicines, vaccines and other medical supplies in rural/remote areas
  • Strengthen economic empowerment of the rural populace consequently pushing up Internally Generated Revenue (IGR)
  • Improve overall quality of life of the people, especially those living in rural and semi-urban areas
  • Create gainful employment and investment opportunities for entrepreneurial youths

Who We Serve

Our Products

Solar Business

Our key areas of focus include; Solar Farming, Solar Commercials, Solar Retail Solutions and BIPV aiming to generate 10,000 MW of power per day.

Bio Energy

We work in partnership with leading firms in building turnkey bio- diesel refineries. We also generate electricity using bio- technology.

Green Future

At PriVida, we aim to collaborate with our partners to plant 1 billion trees across the globe.

How We Work

Our Capacity Building effort aims to achieve two key goals:

a. Improve skills through hands-on renewable energy business and technical learning and development programmes amongst Africans.
b. Empower trainees and small business owners with the tools and techniques for improving their lives through renewable energy business.

In addition, PriVida’s Capacity Development effort is strengthened by a strong focus on:

Research and Development
Consulting on Renewable
Energy Solutions

Our Capacity Building framework is hinged upon three (3) pillars depicted below.

Capacity Building Development and Empowerment

We will look after the:

  1. Design
  2. Installation
  3. Maintenance
  4. Remote equipment monitoring

Clients – Case Studies